Female journalists get bomb threats on Twitter

  • Escalating calls for attention to prevent abuse against women on social media have increased the bomb threats to female journalists on Twitter and led to investigations by British authorities.

    These threats came only days after Caroline Criado-Perez received rape threats on the social media network. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said inquiries are being made regarding the threats but there have been no arrests yet. 

    Hadley Freeman, was one of the journalists who received the online bomb threat by an anonymous user on Twitter. She alerted the police after reading "A BOMB HAS BEEN PLACED OUTSIDE YOUR HOME. IT WILL GO OFF AT 10:47."

    Emma Barnett, women's editor of The Telegraph newspaper said she received a bomb threat as well but didn't bother to report it. She headed to the pub to meet a contact as planned instead. Barnett said the reason for her reaction was years of abuse on Twitter and in the comment box beneath her articles in The Telegraph. 

    The anonymous account, which sent bomb threats has been suspended. 

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