Female journalist beaten after publishing report

  • A female journalist in Ukraine was battered after she published a report regarding the interior minister. The 34-year-old Tetyana Chornovil said she was driving back home when an SUV hit her and tried to kill her. "They broke my window," she said. "I jumped out, tried to run. I was caught and they began beating me."

    The journalist mentioned that she couldn't remember if the attackers said anything while beating her. There was at least one more attack on an opponent of the government in the recent days and a demonstrator at the Kyiv protest said such incidents only show "the weakness of this government. When people cannot use arguments or evidence, they start beating people up. What's more, they are beating a woman, a mother. That's unacceptable."

    President Yanukovych has looked down upon the assault and has ordered law enforcers to find the attackers. 

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