Experts say disarming Syria is not a good idea

  • Even though the world has been talking positively about getting Syria to turn over its chemical weapons, experts have said the situation might be complicated. One of them warns that the deal could be "deceptively attractive" and that destroying it in a war zone could take years. 

    The Los Angeles Times has noted that its risky to dismantle the chemicals since there might be a chance of leakage. The process would not only be difficult but it will also require tons of security on the ground- about 75,000 troops, according to a Pentagon study. 

    "We're not talking about just putting someone at the gate," a former UN weapons inspector said. 

    An expert also mentioned that some casualties would be unavoidable since the soldiers would have to battle rebel forces, wanting to possess some of the weapons. 

    Moreover, a former US inspector noted that there's no way to verify that all weapons have been surrendered. "I worry about that," he said. 

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