European Union awarded Nobel Peace Prize

  • The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the European Union for six decades of efforts in promoting peace across the continent.

    The committee said on Friday that the EU had helped to transform Europe "from a continent of war to a continent of peace".

    However, many political and economic commentators have said the committee has chosen an odd time to highlight the achievement with recession and social unrest rocking many of the EU member states.

    Announcing the award, Nobel committee president Thorbjoern Jagland acknowledged the EU's current financial problems but said the committee wanted to concentrate on the body's work over 60 years of advancing "peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights".

    The prize, worth $1.2 million, will be presented in Oslo on December 10. It is not yet clear who from the EU will collect the cheque and what it would be spent on.

    The last organization to be given the award was Medecins Sans Frontieres, which won in 1999.