Europe Election Witnesses High Turnout, Far-Rights and Leftists Gain

  • On Sunday, 21 European countries voted to choose the next President of the European Commission, which shares responsibilities to decide annual budget of European Union with EU Council. This election is important as European Commission also oversees EU institutions’ works. The EU spokesperson said that for 27 countries (except Brexiting UK), the estimated turnout was 51 percent, higher than 2014’s turnout of 42.6 percent. Two of the largest political groups of the European Parliament European People's Party (EPP) and Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) are going to lose 43 and 38 seats respectively. Far-right leaders gained following the anti-immigration issue. However, the wave didn’t provide the anti-establishment forces (especially far-rights) that much gain as expected. The Greens and other leftist political groups (especially pro- European Union blocks) also made strong gains.