Elizabeth Warren charts out her "Medicare for All" for 2020 US Presidential Election

  • The Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has charted out the details of her healthcare plan, which she intends to implement if she wins the upcoming 2020 US Presidential election. Her “Medicare for All” will reportedly cost the federal $20.5 trillion in the coming 10 years. Warren assured that the ordinary Americans don’t have to pay a penny and no additional taxes will be levied on the middle-class. She said that the required funds will come from the new taxes that will be levied upon the richest 1% of the Americans (including the large corporations and the wealthy) as well as through “cracking down on tax evasion and fraud.” The presidential hopeful’s plan says that Medicare for All will implement free federal medical coverage for everyone and replace private health insurance, which is received by over half of the Americans through their employers. However, the naysayers have criticized this healthcare plan over lack of details.