Eight mountaineers killed in three separate accidents in the Austrian and Italian Alps

  • The weekend in the Alps was horrific, as eight mountaineers lost their lives in three separate accidents.Citing the Austrian Red Cross, media reports stated, five mountaineers lost their lives on Sunday in the Australian Alps in Wildgerloasta on Mount Gabler, east of Innsbruck and the sixth climber was deeply injured. Six of them were roped together when they fell in a very remote area of the mountain. As per the reports of DPA, the German news agency, five mountaineers who lost their lives are believed to be from Germany and the injured one belongs to the German state of Bavaria. In another accident on Sunday, two Italians lost their lives after falling into a crevasse in Adamello Brenta park near Trento. On Saturday, another mountaineer died after being hit by boulders in the Valtellina Alpine area.

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