Egypt's Mursi fires officials after Sinai attacks

  • Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has dismissed the country's intelligence chief and the governor of North Sinai province.

    The decision comes after militants killed 16 Egyptian border guards in the area on Sunday.

    More attacks followed on Wednesday at checkpoints in the town of al-Arish, leaving several people wounded.

    In retaliation, the Egyptian military launched an offensive against suspected Islamist militants, which are believed to have killed 20 people.

    The firing of the country's intelligence chief was announced on state-run TV.

    "Gen Mohamed Murad Mowafi is given retirement starting from today," presidential spokesman Yasser Ali said.

    According to reports in the Egyptian media, Gen Mowafi had been quoted as saying the intelligence services had received warning of Sunday's attack.

    However, he said they had passed the matter on to the relevant authorities because the role of the intelligence services was only to collect information.

    Mursi has appointed Gen Mohamed Raafat Abdel-Wahed as acting intelligence chief.