Egypt's cities clogged by rival rallies

  • Supporters and opponents of the ousted Mohammed Morsi held protests today and both sides have thrown stones and fired birdshot at each other. Clashes erupted outside a major mosque in the city of Alexandria. Police and army forces have been unable to break up the fighting, which caused two deaths and injured 24. According to health officials, minor fights that erupted in the neighborhood of Cairo as well as in the Nile Delta city have injured at least 18 people. 

    Morsi was elected in June 2012 and is hiding from the public since his ouster. He would now be detained for 15 days while a judge investigates allegations against him, which include murder and conspiracy with the Palestinian militant group Hamas, according to the MENA news agency. The agency also reported that Morsi has already been interrogated but didn't provide information regarding Morsi being moved to a regular detention facility. 

    Hamas has denied any involvement and a spokesman for the militant group, Sami Abu Zuhri has denounced Morsi's detention order. 

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