Egyptians resume voting in historic elections

  • Egyptians headed to the polls for a second day in the country’s historic presidential elections.

    The elections are the first to ever take place in Egypt’s 5,000-year recorded history and come 15 months after the ousting of former president Hosni Mubarak in the Arab Spring uprising.

    Fifty million people are eligible to cast their ballots.

    The elections see Islamists contend with secularists and revolutionaries against Mubarak’s regime.

    Voting has so far passed off calmly, with no serious incidents reported.

    A run-off vote is scheduled for June 16 and 17 if an outright winner is not declared.

    Mubarak was in power for three decades. He resigned on February 11, 2011 following 18 days of protests in Cairo and other cities.

    He is currently on trial for his alleged role in the deaths of protesters. A verdict is due on June 2.