Egyptian army deploy troops in Suez after anniversary unrest

  • Egyptian troops were deployed in Suez after seven people died in protests marking the second anniversary of Egypt's uprising. President Mohammed Morsi has appealed for calm. Six people were killed in Suez and one in Ismailia as police clashed with protesters in several towns and cities. Critics accuse the president of betraying the revolution that overthrew former president Hosni Mubarak. The president dismissed the opposition's claims as unfair and instead called for a national dialogue, urging his opponents to refrain from violence. On Twitter, he called on Egyptians "to adhere to the values of the revolution [and] express opinions freely and peacefully". In Suez, soldiers in armored vehicles took position outside state buildings. "We have asked the armed forces to send reinforcements on the ground until we pass this difficult period," said Adel Refaat, head of state security, Suez.