Egypt Has A New Constitution

  • On Tuesday, the results of the Egyptian constitution referendum were announced - the Arab Republic of Egypt now has a new constitution approved by over two-thirds of the voters. The announcement of results came from Sami Abu Al Maati, the head of Egypt's High Elections Commission. Mr Abu Al Maati said that only 33% of the country's eligible voters had cast their ballots in the referendum. Among the voters almost 64% supported the Islamist-backed constitution. The country has been divided over the issue of this constitution with fears that it is the groundwork for an Islamist state and will take Egypt away from secularism. Both the old and new constitutions designate Islam as the country's official religion. The Islamic Sharia is deemed to be the main source of legislation. The 2012 charter, however, lays down the principles of Sharia to include "evidence, rules, jurisprudence and sources" as practiced by the Sunni sect of Islam. The new constitution also hands the ultimate consultative authority to Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam's most respected religious school.

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