Egypt ask INTERPOL to Trace the Statue of Tutankhamun

  • As per recent news updates, The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) is being asked by Egypt to detect a 3,000 year old statue of Tutankhamun. In one of the statements, an Egyptian official informed that despite fierce opposition from Cairo, the statue was sold in London for $6 million. Interestingly, Christie auction house of London sold this 28cm antique of the young Egyptian Pharaoh to an unknown person for $5,970,000 during the month of July. Meanwhile, within the span of a week immediately after the sale of the statue, National Committee of Egypt for Antiquities Repatriation informed that the prosecutors had asked Interpol to issue a circular for tracing the statue. Moreover, a chronology was published by Christie in which they gave some details regarding the heritage artefact, but later on confirmed that they would never sell any work to anyone without a clear entitlement of ownership. However, the Egyptian government is disputing this.

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