Egypt army leaks post-Morsi roadmap

  • The Egyptian army on Tuesday leaked a draft road map for the future of the country.

    According to the leaked details, the plan includes fresh presidential elections, the suspension of the new constitution and the dissolution of parliament.

    The move comes as protests against President Mohammed Morsi, along with demonstrations staged by his supporters, continue across the country.

    On Monday, the army stated it would get involved unless a solution was found.

    Six ministers from his government, including Foreign Minister Kamel Amr and the spokesmen for the presidency and the cabinet, tendered their resignations following the announcement of the ultimatum.

    Morsi has dismissed the ultimatum, which gave him 48 hours to come to an agreement with the opposition.

    In a late-night address on state television, Morsi stated he would not be dictated to. He also called on protesters to maintain peace though at least 16 people were killed at one pro-Morsi rally overnight.

    As the deadline nears, thousands of protesters remain in Tahrir Square in the capital Cairo demanding that Morsi step down.

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