Egypt army arrests key Muslim Brotherhood figures

  • The Egyptian army on Thursday arrested several senior figures of the Muslim Brotherhood, a day after ousting President Mohammed Morsi.

    Morsi has also been detained while arrest warrants have been issued for hundreds of other members of the Islamist group.

    In other developments, earlier in the day the top judge of the country’s Constitutional Court, Adly Mahmud Mansour, was sworn in as interim leader.

    He has vowed to hold elections based on "the genuine people's will".

    Morsi’s removal follows days of nationwide rallies against him and the Brotherhood along with its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party.

    Around 50 people have died since the unrest began on Sunday with fears over continuing violence between Morsi’s supporters and opponents.

    A coalition of Islamist parties has called for further demonstrations later today to condemn the army’s actions.