Drone makes its third attempt in case of missing jet

  • An oil slick that was found in the area, where the missing jet is being searched for, was analyzed but no link was found with the plane. 

    However, the search is being continued in the region and Bluefun-21 is done with its third attempt and a "full mission." Reports suggest that the drone has covered about 35 square miles of the search area and the data obtained is currently being analyzed. 

    Reuters notes that search by ship and air is surprisingly being continued as well due to the continued pressure from the missing persons' families. Moreover, an Australian official mentioned that the cost will increase to $234M if the search is run by private companies. "There'll come a time when we need to regroup and reconsider," Malaysia's acting transport minister said, "But in any event, the search will always continue. It's just a matter of approach.



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