Donald Trump Imposes Travel Ban on Seven Muslim Majority Countries

  • UK State Visit: Anti-Trump Petition Passes 1M Signatures

    January 31, 2017:In order to prevent president Trump from making an official state visit to the UK, the anti-Trump petition has crossed 1 million signatures by Monday. However, reports say that prime minister Theresa May will not be withdrawing the invitation to the US president as it remained in the interest of the nation.

    The petition argues that Trump should not get a full state visit and does not meet audiences of the royal family as it may bring embarrassment to the Her Majesty the Queen.


    Donald Trump Shuts the Door on Refugees and Visitors from Seven Muslim Majority Countries

    January 28, 2017: Barely a week after taking office, US President Donald Trump has shut the door on visitors and refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations. In a bid to defend Americans from terrorist attacks, on Friday, a four-month hold was put on permitting refugees from Syria along with six other Muslim-majority nations to the United States. Apart from this, travelers have also been temporarily banned from these countries. 
    Along with Syria, the other six nations whose citizens have been barred from entering the United States are Libya, Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan. Commenting on the decision, Donald Trump said that he would be establishing new vetting measures that would keep Islamic terrorists out of the country. The President further added that he did not want them here. However, he also said that he only wanted to admit those people who would support the US and love its people. 
    The ban, which has been condemned by the civil rights groups took effect immediately and has created a lot of chaos for people of these countries who had passports and were intending to visit the US.

    Map showing seven countries that have been banned by Donald Trump