Diabetic father saved by 5-year-old child

  • A British man who has been dependent on insulin for 33 years has a five-year-old to thank for saving his life after he fell into a diabetic coma. 

    Daughter Holly Price realized her father wasn't in bed when she woke up in the middle of the night and found him lying on a sofa. "I stood up and fell back down again because you've got no use in your limbs," Barry Barkess said. "I was crawling into the kitchen, but she knew what to do."

    Holly made it to the glucagon injection kept in the fridge and injected her father in the stomach before calling her mother. "This act of bravery by her has probably save my life or stopped me from having life-threatening complications," he said. "For her t come along out of the blue and remember everything is amazing."

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