Democratic Labour Party retain power Barbados election

  • The ruling Democratic Labour Party has retained power in Barbados in a tightly fought election.

    The DLP, led by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, won 16 parliamentary seats in the 30-member House of Assembly on Friday.

    Polls had predicted a win for the opposition Barbados Labour Party, which won the remaining 14 seats.

    Stuart's victory will give him his first full term in office.

    He took over as prime minister following the death of Prime Minister David Thompson in 2010.

    Stuart said he would continue with his policies despite facing ongoing economic challenges due to what he described as "the worst crisis the world has seen in a century".

    The success at the polls marks the second consecutive win for the DLP after 14 years of government by the Barbados Labour Party led by former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the current opposition leader.