Death Penalty for Charleston Church Shooter

  • Dylann Roof, the man who killed nine people at a Church in Charleston, South Carolina has been recommended death penalty by 12 jurors on Tuesday. As per reports, this is the first hate crime case where the defendant will be sentenced to death.

    Judge Richard Gergel is going to sentence the accused on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. ET. While representing himself during the penalty phase, Roof told Gergel that he would like to file a motion for new lawyers. Bringing this point forward, Gergel mentioned that Roof can discuss this on Wednesday but he would prefer not letting that happen.

    On the other hand, a statement was issued by the defense attorney and people who worked on behalf of Roof. It said the death penalty decision indicates that the case will not see any closure for a very long time.

    Melvin Graham, one of the victims' brother said that he has received justice for his sister, though it is a hollow victory. He also mentioned that mass killings should be stopped.

    The judge said the jurors did a wonderful job. Prosecutors said it was a “fair and just process”.