Death doll in elephant poisoning rises to 91

  • It was bad enough to hear about poachers poisoning the watering holes of elephants and killing about 40 of them in Zimbabwe but the death toll has now risen to 91. 

    Massive bones in the Hwange National Park continue to litter the area around a water hole where 18 carcasses were found. 

    According to officials, the poachers spread cyanide over flat "salt pans"; lions, vultures as well as hyenas have died from drinking nearby or due to contaminated carcasses. 

    Thanks to the industry in Asian nations, the poachers look to obtain the elephants' ivory, which is estimated to be worth between $7B to $10B. Terror groups also tend to get 40 percent of their money through this trade. 

    An expert mentioned that it is not common to see elephants being killed by poisoning but recent years have revealed more of such instances. "The Hwange massacre, however, is on a scale not previously witnessed."

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