Deadliest chemical weapons possibly used in Syria

  • Videos and reports from Syria are helping experts to make some inferences regarding the types of chemical weapons used in the attack. What they have come up with does not sound good. 

    According to the Washington Post, out of the seven kinds of chemical weapons, the most deadly ones are nerve agents. These are the ones that were used in the attack, which took the lives of hundreds of people in Syria. 

    A senior fellow said the nerve agents cause muscle twitching, which keeps on getting worse, making the mucus come out of the nose and mouth, leading the victim to go into convulsions. He said "people don't survive this."

    U.S. senator John McCain said the use of chemical weapons was obvious since the photos showed stacks of dead people. 

    Rights group Human Rights Watch said "whether or not chemical weapons were used, the attack left a large number of civilians dead, and those responsible for unlawful killings should be held to account."

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