Deadliest Attack on Malian Armed Forces kills at least 53 Soldiers and 1 Civilian

  • Mali’s government has said that at least 53 soldiers of their armed forces and 1 civilian have died in a deadly terrorist attack. In a statement, the government spokesman Yaya Sangare said that the rescue teams have recovered the dead bodies along with 10 survivors from the military post in Indelimane, located in the north-east of Mali. Significant material damage has also been reported due to the attack. Till now, no terrorist group has taken responsibility for the deadliest attack in Mali, surpassing the earlier deadly attack on the Malian army in September when 38 soldiers died. The European Union (which is training the Malian government forces to fight against the rebels) vowed to stand by “the government and the Malian nation to counter this serious violence”. The EU statement also assured continued support to Mali for reestablishing full authority over its territory and thereby ensure development and prosperity to its citizens. EU also offered its condolences to the relatives of the soldiers who died during the ghastly terrorist attack on Friday.