Dead Pilot Whales at Longufjorur

  • As per recent news updates, on Thursday, July 18, 2019 dozens of dead beached whales were spotted by the visitors over a beach at Longufjorur. Moreover, photographs of dead pilot whales was taken by a pilot David Schwarzhans, during a tourist helicopter flight over the western Iceland. The reason behind the beaching of giant mammals is still not clear. The region where the dead whales are found is secluded. Meanwhile, this region is beyond the reach of cars or any other vehicle, and therefore has few visitors. Police of nearby Stykkisholmur was informed about the dead pilot whales spotted on the beach. The pilot confirmed that, on landing, they counted the number of whales which turned out to be 60. Their could be more as fins of beached whales were seen sticking out of the sand.


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