Dancer to spend 6 years in prison for acid attack

  • Russian dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko is now expected to spend six years in prison for attacking Bolshoi Theater artistic director Sergei Filin with acid. His prison sentence is less than the nine-year-long punishment that the prosecutors sought for him. 

    Dmitrichenko mentioned that he asked another man to hit Filin on the nose and reports suggest that he paid the man $1.5K for the attack. 

    The attacker named Yuri Zarutsky has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for being involved in conspiracy to cause bodily harm. The getaway driver is expected to serve four years as well. 

    Dmitrichenko, who is known for playing evil roles, behaved in court in a manner that matched the characters he played as a dancer. "You can't be emotional and dance the type of ballets he danced," another dancer testified. 

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