Dallas Shootings: President Obama Insists US to Reject Despair

  • President Obama Insists US to Reject Despair

    July 13, 2016: After paying tribute to the five police officers who were killed in the sniper attack in Dallas, president Barack Obama has insisted the US to reject despair. He encourage the people in the US to get united and maintain peace in the country. At the Morton H Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas on Tuesday, president Obama spoke about how Americans are struggling because of the last week's incident.

    Dallas Shootings: Killer Had Wider Plans

    July 11, 2016: Micah Johnson, a military veteran was furious after the killings of black African American men by police, killed five police officers and injured seven others. Reports say that he had even bigger plans to attack the police officers, especially the whites. Police Chief David Brown mentioned that they found bomb making materials at Johnson's home.

    Bomb Materials, Rifles, Ammo recovered from Dallas Suspect's Home

    July 9, 2016: Dallas police has recovered bomb-making material, rifles, ammo, bullet-proof vests, and a journal of combat tactics while searching 25-year-old Dallas attack suspect Micah Xavier Johnson’s home. David Brown, Dallas police chief, said that it was a "well-thought-out evil tragedy" as the suspect told a police negotiator that he was upset with white people, especially white police officers. The lone wolf attack by Johnson left 5 officers dead, 7 officers injured, and 2 civilians injured. The shooter was killed by a robot-delivered bomb.

    No Bomb Found in the Place

    July 8, 2016: After the extensive search for the bomb by two police officers, no bombs have been found, as mentioned by Major Max Greon of Dallas police. One of the suspects, who later killed himself, had told the police that bombs are placed all over the area. Police searched for the bombs, but nothing has been found.

    Obama Reacts to the Shooting

    July 8, 2016: US president Barrack Obama is in Warsaw to attend a two day Nato summit, and he has described the entire incident as “tremendous tragedy”. He has supported the Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings and conveyed condolences of the American people. He, on behalf the government, said that they stand by the police department in Dallas.

    Dallas Police Shooting: Fourth Suspect Killed Himself

    July 8, 2016: In the Dallas police shooting, the fourth suspect has shot himself at the El Centro College car park. Major Max Geron, a senior police office stated that bombs across the city are being detected. Earlier, police mentioned that the suspects had claimed that bombs have been placed all over the downtown Dallas.

    Sniper Killed 5 Police Officers and Wounded 6

    July 8, 2016: Following the protest against shooting the two African American men by Dallas police, a sniper has killed five police officers and left six wounded. Officers are in a stand-off with the sniper at the car parking garage. As per the reports, the three others have been taken into custody.

    Dallas Police Negotiating with Suspect, Says Chief David Brown

    July 8, 2016: As chief David Brown stated, negotiation is going on in between the Dallas police and a suspect at a parking garage in Downtown Dallas for 45 minutes. The suspect has told the negotiators that the end is near. The suspect has mentioned that more police officers will end up getting hurt, and bombs are placed in the downtown Dallas.

    4 Police Officers Shot Dead by Snipers in Dallas Protest

    July 8, 2016: Snipers shot dead four police officers during the protest against the killing of two black men by police. David Brown, Dallas police chief said that an intensive search for the suspects is going on. In a Nato Summit in Poland, Barrack Obama said that the two incidents are not just black issues, and these should concern the entire America.

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    Aftermath of Philando Castile's shooting streamed live

    July 7, 2016: As protests continued over the police killing of an African-American man in the state of Louisiana, the police have shot dead another African-American man in Minnesota. St Paul incident’s aftermath was live-streamed by Philando Castile's girlfriend. It showed a police officer pointing his gun at Castile, who is seen covered in blood. Media reports quoted her as saying that Castile was shot as he reached out for his driving license.  On Tuesday, Alton Sterling was shot dead by the police during an incident in Baton Rouge.  

    Bomb Materials, Rifles, Ammo recovered from Dallas Suspect's Home


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