Crowds assemble at Tahrir Square for huge rally

  • Thousands of people have been filling up the Tahrir Square in Cairo before a mass rally that intends to ask for the resignation of Mohammed Morsi, the incumbent Islamist President of Egypt. People have been spending the night at the same place that was the focal point of the protests which saw the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, the former leader of this North African country. June 30, 2013 also happens to be the completion of the first year of the presidency of Morsi whose opponents have stated that the President has been unable to deal effectively with critical issues pertaining to security and economy. There has also been a lot of tension prior to the rally.

    Meanwhile, ones who have lent their support to Morsi have decided to stage a rally of their own. Already there has been plenty of unrest over the entire issue and this has also claimed the life of a minimum of 3 people, which includes a citizen of the US. Washington has, in fact, issued a warning to Americans that they should not be visiting Egypt anytime soon. The UK has requested its citizens in Egypt to steer clear of big gatherings and demonstrations. France has asked its citizens that during their stay over there they should be going out only when it is absolutely necessary.