COVID-19 Cases in the USA Surpass 300,000 with Death Toll Over 8,000, Trump Warns of Lot of Deaths

  • Briefing from White House on Saturday, the US President Donald Trump has warned that “there will be a lot of death, unfortunately” in the coming two weeks (4-to-10 days) when the COVID-19 pandemic is going to reach its peak. Trump’s comments come as the total confirmed cases in the US surpassed 300,000 (312,249) and deaths crossed 8,000 (8,503). Trump also said that due to fear of shortages, his administration has also received inflated requests of submission regarding doling out equipment from the strategic national stockpile. Reports say that White House medical experts have predicted the death of around 100,000 to 240,000 Americans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While warning the Americans about the devastation in the comings weeks, President Trump said that it “is going to be very horrendous” and the death toll will be similar to that witnessed during major wars such as “World War One or Two or something”. Reports say that the total number of deaths in New York is more than 3,565 (out of which 2,624 deaths are reported in New York City itself as per Coronavirus Resource Center of John Hopkins University & Medicine). Local news reports say that Long Island in the east of New York City is the worst affected place in New York where the confirmed number of COVID-19 cases is spreading like wildfire. Governor Andrew Cuomo said that in 24-hours since April 4, the death toll in New York has increased by 630, thereby increasing the death toll number from 2,935 on Friday morning to up to a total of 3,565 by Saturday morning. However, on Sunday morning, the daily death toll has come down to 594 on Sunday. In New York, the total confirmed infection cases have reached 122,031 with the death toll rising to 4,159.