Countries all over the Globe Start Reopening Schools with Dilemma as Resurgence of COVID-19 Infection Reported

  • Countries across the world are tackling COVID-19 dilemmas especially regarding the opening up of schools. England and Wales have decided to reopen their schools amid a raging controversy over safe conditions. The most detailed guidelines for school children have been issued by France. Secondary school students have been asked to wear coverings on their faces all the time, especially when they are in school and playground. Poland has not made mask-wearing mandatory for school children and left it with the discretion of individual school principals to decide upon imposing face coverings in the halls and locker rooms of schools. Belgium has the highest per capita COVID-19 death rate in the world. The country has decided to reopen schools from September 1, 2020. Prime Minister of Belgium Sophie Wilmès has said that all teachers and children of age 12 years and above are needed to wear masks for avoiding a second wave and also to make sure that children start going to school. Unlike in other countries, schools in Germany are organized and run regionally. Some states in Germany have made face coverings mandatory all the time in schools. However, in other face coverings are made compulsory only in playgrounds and hallways. In general, schools in Germany have kept classes separate to manage the risk of infection. As South Korea is facing a resurgence of COVID-19 infection, they are forced to close schools again after delaying the restart of schools many times and phasing in different groups of age. Denmark is one of the first countries in the western world to reopen its schools. To take precaution against the spread of infection, they had resorted to “protective bubbles” of small micro-groups of 12 younger children. Denmark has also resorted to staggering school timing and desks being kept 2-meters apart as protective measures.