Costa Concordia successfully righted after the successful salvage operation

  • Crews have been successful at one of the hardest salvage projects in history. Restoring Costa Concordia to an upright position from its wrecked state took 19 hours instead of the expected 10 to 12 and lasted till 4 am. Despite the extra time, a technical head referred to it as being "a perfect operation."

    The process included the use of chains and pulleys to bring the wrecked ship to this position off the coast of an island in Italy and the attached water tanks used gravity in order to upright it. 

    Locals who had been putting up with the sight of the wrecked ship since over a year, cheered as the project completed. 

    The leading engineer for the big task said "a lot of people said it couldn't be done ...I feel good. It's time for a beer."

    The project has costed $800M so far. 

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