Coronavirus Infection Cases Surge over 57,000 as the US Celebrates 4th July Independence Day

  • On Friday, when the United States is celebrating its July Fourth Independence Day holiday, more than 57,000 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the last 24-hours. Reports say that the COVID-19 cases are increasing in 37 US states. The leading health officials have urged the people of the United States to remain home during the weekend otherwise the coronavirus outbreak will spiral further out of control. In many places across the USA parades and picnics are canceled, backyard barbeques discouraged, and crowded tourist places shut down. White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Thursday that the COVID-19 pathogen may have mutated, which may help it to spread more easily. The US President Donald Trump's top advisers plan to craft a clearer response by admitting that the virus is not going away any time soon and that’s why emphasizing the therapeutic drugs. With the spike in coronavirus cases, 19 US states have either paused or reversed plans to ease restrictions on business. However, Vice President Mike Pence has said that the White House wants to go ahead with its plan of reopening the US economy. Almost half of the US states including Texas have implemented mask mandates. The global coronavirus infection cases have crossed 10.88 million and 521,694 deaths. Most of the cases are reported in the US (over 2.73 million), Brazil (over 1.49 million), Russia (over 660,000), India (over 625,000), and Peru (over 292,000).