Several Children Killed in Colombia Landslide

  • Colombia Landslide Killed Several Children

    April 3, 2017: As per reports, 170 bodies had been identified and 44 among them were children. The death toll rose to 300, as mentioned by local media. However, it is hard to confirm the exact death toll as rescue operation is underway.

    Earlier the army reported 200 people disappeared, but on Sunday the President tweeted that officially there were no missing persons.

    Reports also say that over 1,000 soldiers and police are involved in the rescue operation in Putumayo province.

    Colombia Landslide Kills Over 200 and Displaces 300 Families

    April 2, 2017: Reports say that over 200 people have died in Colombia's Putumayo province as mudslides due to overflowing of rivers, caused by heavy rains.

    A spokesperson for the Colombian Red Cross, Gabriel Umaña, has reportedly told media that 234 people are already dead and 220 people are still missing.

    Reports indicate that twenty five houses in southwest Colombia are destroyed due to mudslides, 300 families displaced, and 202 people are injured.

    President Juan Manuel Santos told a local media channel that the total number of deaths till now is impossible to predict.

    He went on to say that the deadly torrent was set off after 130 millimeters or more than 5 inches rain fell in Putumayo province.

    Firefighters have reportedly said that water and electricity are out in Mocoa. Hospital system is shut down, aggravating the crisis.

    A state of emergency has been declared by the President.