Clashes in Pakistan over Kalash teenager's conversion

  • A teenager named as Rina from the kalash minority tribe of about 12000 in Pakistan which worships God & Goddesses converted to Islam recently. Clashes erupted amid a row over whether she had been forced to convert to Islam and had subsequently given it up. Police had to resort to firing dislodge the crowd from Rina’s house. She was taken to a safer place in central Chitral. Rina later clarified that she converted to Islam in her free will and will eventually move in with her muslim relatives. After staying overnight with a Muslim relative she came to her home and wore her Kalash community traditional dress. She clarified that one of her Muslim relative told her that since she is minor she can wear any dress and will take Muslim Shalwar – kameez dress only on growing up. Rina’s act created confusion among Muslim community that Rina had been converted to kalash faith and this resulted in a clash