Chinese Senior Diplomat says their Xinjiang Model of Dealing with Terrorism Should be Applauded

  • China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui and Xinjiang Deputy Governor Erkin Tuniyaz told over diplomats from 80 countries and international organizations in Beijing that they are in the process of creating a new method to tackle the problem of terror. Chinese senior leaders also said that China deserves applause from the international community for their effort in countering terror as well as de-radicalization. The Chinese government said that the re-education and training facilities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region have helped in bringing down the terror attacks by Islamic fundamentalists as well as separatists. The senior Chinese official has said that “Xinjiang’s counter-terrorism and de-extremism efforts have created a new way to solve the symptoms and root cause of the difficult global issue of counter-terrorism, and are worthy of praise”.