Chinese Leaders Review the Controversial National Security Bill for Hong Kong

  • The state media of China, Xinhua, has reported on Sunday that during the meeting by the standing committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), the lawmakers of China reviewed a draft of the national security bill for Hong Kong. A report on the bill was presented in the meeting by the director of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC’s standing committee, Shen Chunyao. Reports say that the 3-day meeting of NPC’s Standing Committee will deliberate on the bill and pass it into law by Tuesday. While China claims that the national security bill for will target a small group of troublemakers creating trouble in the city (as the proposed bill deals with terrorism, subversion, separatism, and foreign interference in Hong Kong), the pro-democracy activists of Hong Kong believe that Beijing will use this to erode the extensive autonomy of the city and ultimately jeopardize the “one country, two systems” formula of the city. After Hong Kong police banned a major demonstration against China's planned national security law for Hong Kong, at least 53 people have been arrested on Sunday after the pro-democracy demonstrators held a relatively peaceful protest against planned national security legislation that Mainland China is deliberating to implement.