Chinese baby rescued from sewage pipe recovering in hospital

  • An abandoned baby rescued from a sewage pipe in eastern China is in a stable condition, according to media reports on Wednesday.

    The infant was discovered in the drain pipe of a residential building in Jinhua on Saturday after residents reported the sound of a baby crying.

    The 2.3-kilogram baby boy is currently in an incubator and receiving treatment after being cut free from the pipe.

    According to doctors, the baby is healthy barring some scratches on his head, arms and legs.

    His mother, who has not been named, has claimed the baby fell in accidentally.

    She reportedly told police she unexpectedly gave birth on the toilet resulting in the baby falling into the sewer.

    The case has sparked outrage in China, where the media often reports on babies being abandoned.

    The reasons are attributed to young women unaware that they are pregnant, the birth of a girl in a society which holds boys in higher esteem, or China's strict one-child policy.

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