China Vows to Establish Long-Term Peace and Stability in South China Sea, Flooding of Market by Chinese Goods Remain

  • Chinese premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday in Bangkok after the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) meeting that China is ready for working closely with Southeast Asian nations for establishing long term peace and stability in the South China Sea as per consensus reached. Several members of ASEAN have rejected the sweeping maritime claims of China. Analysts believe that a consensus on the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership in Bangkok will be a legally binding code for all the members who consider China’s sweeping maritime claims as disregard of their sovereign rights, leading to obstruction in exploring energy as well as fishing. During the 22nd ASEAN-China Summit, China also pledged to strengthen cooperation in smart-city policy-making so that the quality/sustainable development of smart cities can be promoted. India’s new demand based on the concern of being flooded by Chinese imports has stalled the negotiation process. The US President Donald Trump skipped the summit and instead will be attended by Robert O'Brien, his national security adviser.