China Revises COVID-19 Death Toll by 50%, German Chancellor backs WHO in Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic

  • China has revised the total death toll from the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis and increased the total number of deaths by 50% after rectifying the “belated, missed, and mistaken reporting”. With the addition of 1,290 deaths from COVID-19, the latest death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in China’s Wuhan stands at 3,869. The confirmed COVID-19 infection cases in Wuhan have also been increased by 325, thereby bringing the case count of the city to 50,333. The confirmed cases of infection in China (as reported by the country’s National Health Commission) stands at 82,692 cases with 4,632 deaths. As per the official Xinhua News Agency, the death toll was initially under-reported as “a few medical institutions failed to connect with the disease prevention and control system in time, while hospitals were overloaded and medics were overwhelmed with patients.” The World Health Organization’s (WHO) lead scientist Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove has said on Friday that China has revised the death toll from COVID-19 “to leave no case undocumented”.  In a video conferencing with G7 countries, Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, backed WHO by calling the organization the “backbone of the fight against the pandemic”. The response comes after the US curtailed its contribution to WHO (which was more than $400 million in 2019) by accusing the organization of promoting Chinese "disinformation" about COVID-19 coronavirus.