China and ASEAN Agree on Framework for Code of Conduct for South China Sea

  • As per reports, China's foreign ministry mentioned on Thursday that China and Southeast Asian countries agreed at a meeting in Guiyang to a framework for a code of conduct for the disputed South China Sea. China as well as ASEAN had plans to agree on the framework this year, after 15 years of committing to draft it.

    Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin stated that the framework took concerns of all sides into account.

    Reports also say that some of the ASEAN diplomats expressed their concern about whether China is actually being genuine, or whether ASEAN has enough power to get China to carry out a set of rules.

    According to China it has right on almost the entire South China Sea, through which goods costing at least $5 trillion, pass every year. Countries like Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam say they also have claims.