Chile agrees for a Referendum to do away with the Pinochet-era Constitution and Implement a New One

  • The political parties in Chilean Congress have agreed to a referendum for replacing the Pinochet-era constitution. On Friday, Chile’s Senate President Jaime Quintana said at a press conference in Santiago that the reform of the constitution and bringing in a new constitution will help in bringing a peaceful and democratic change to the current political unrest, which has been going on in the country for almost a month now. The 1980 constitution of Chile embodies the laissez-faire model propounded by the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, which prioritized a market-driven economy but failed to provide an adequate guarantee to people’s right to education, healthcare, and pensions. After the agreement among the political parties in Chile’s Congress about bringing in a new constitution, a nationwide plebiscite will be held in the month of April asking whether a new constitution is needed and the ways of drafting it. Once the drafting of the new constitution is done, it will be submitted for a compulsory referendum to ratify.