Chemical attack in Syria

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    According to Reuters, nearly 500 people have been killed after the chemical weapon attacks in Damascus. Videos show that many children are being treated in hospitals. Although the videos haven't been verified, believers say they are legitimate. Many people appear to have trouble breathing and some are having convulsions. 

    An activist has accused the rebels of attempting to distract the UN inspectors that arrived in the country this weekend. He said "we thought this regime would not use chemical weapons, at least these days with the presence of the UN inspectors."

    A White House spokesman said the nation has no independent confirmation that chemical weapons had been used in the attack. 

    The Obama administration condemns the reported use of these weapons. 

    Susan Ahmad, who resides near the area described the smell to be nasty. She said "you feel like there is something wrong in the air."

    Ahmad also said the death toll is likely to increase since there isn't enough medicine to save people. 

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