Charlie Hebdo attack: anniversary

  • Police shoot knife-weilding man on Charlie Hebdo attacks’ anniversary

    Jan 8, 2016 - On the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the police in Paris shot dead a man who was wielding a knife. Media reports quoted the Paris prosecutor’s office as saying the police recovered from the man’s body an image of the ISIS flag printed on paper. A handwritten note in Arabic was also recovered from the man claiming responsibility for the attack. The anti terror section is currently investigating the incident.  

    Charlie Hebdo attack: French police name suspects

    Jan 8, 2015 - The police in France named two brothers as suspects in the deadly attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine that killed 12 people Wednesday, January 7, according to media reports .

    The photos of Cherif and Said Kouachi have been issued, and they could be “armed and dangerous,” the police said, as a huge operation to find the perpetrators of one of the worst terror attacks in France continues.

    Twelve people, including eight journalists of the satirical magazine and two policemen were killed in the attack.

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  • French police are carrying out one of their biggest security operations in recent times as the manhunt to find two suspects of the Charlie Hebdo attack enters its third day.

    The search area is now focused on a rural belt northeast of capital Paris, according to media reports.

    Reports say that two armed men, believed to be the gunmen behind the Paris massacre, robbed a petrol station in the area.

    Meanwhile, France continues to be in a state of shock, with vigils being held for the 12 victims of the terror attack.

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