Canadian PM Announces C$25,000 as Initial Financial Assistance for the Families of the Iran Plane Crash Victims

  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told media at a news conference in Ottawa on Friday that the government will provide C$25,000 (US$19,122) for each family of the Canadian citizens or permanent residents, who were killed when the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down the Ukraine International Airlines (Flight PS752) Boeing 737-800, just after it took off from the Imam Khomeini Airport near Tehran on January 8. It reportedly killed all the 176 passengers and crew on-board including 57 Canadian citizens and 29 permanent residents. Trudeau said that the assistance will help the victims’ families meet the immediate needs including travel and funeral expenses. The Canadian PM also made it clear that “We expect Iran to compensate these families.” Iranian officials had said that the Revolutionary Guards mistakenly shot the plane down (when the country was on alert due to heightened tensions with the US) after its path came too close to the military facilities. On Friday, the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei led the weekly prayers in Tehran and mentioned the Ukrainian plane crash and also paid condolences to the victims’ families. Massive protests broke out outside Amir Kabir University (mostly by the middle and upper-middle class populace) demanding the resignation of the officials who lied about the plane crash incident. Reports say that the Ukrainian passenger jet was shot twice by missiles (based on the newly revealed surveillance video circulating in the social media). After a meeting of the officials of 5 countries (including Ukraine, Canada, Britain, Sweden, and Afghanistan) whose citizens died in the downed Ukrainian plane, a joint statement was issued demanding a “thorough, independent and transparent international investigation” should be carried out and the probe should be “open to grieving nations”. They also demanded compensation for the victims’ families from Iran. Meanwhile, the US military officials have confirmed reports (thereby contradicting President Donald Trump) that Iran launched missiles at an Iraqi military base last week had indeed injured at least 11 U.S. service members.