Cambodia Impose Toughest Entry Requirements for Travellers Post Lockdown, Tourists Required To Pay $3,000 as Deposit

  • After the lockdown in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, countries are slowly opening tourism around the world. Cambodia is one of them and perhaps imposed the most stringent entry requirements. In the latest bulletin by the Foreign Office of Cambodia (FCO), foreign travellers are required to pay a hefty amount of $3,000 deposit as a Covid-19 service charge at the airport upon their arrival. The payment can be made both in cash or by credit card. The FCO also confirmed that after the deduction for services has been made, the remaining Deposit will be returned. Further, in case any passenger tests positive on their flight, everyone on that flight will be quarantined in government-approved accommodation for two weeks. This would cost the traveller $1,176, including meals, sanitary services, and laundry. They would also be required to pay another $100 for a second Covid-19 test, taking the total expenditure to $1,283.


    Map of Cambodia

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