California police shootings lead to Anaheim arrests

  • Twenty-four people have been arrested during a fourth night of violence following fatal police shootings of two men over the weekend in Anaheim, California.

    The violence escalated outside City Hall as council members voted to investigate the incidents.

    Some 600 protesters threw rocks, broke windows and threw a petrol bomb at a police car as 250 policemen fired soft bullets and pepper balls at the crowd.

    At least six people were injured, including a police officer who was hit with a brick and three reporters who were struck by rocks and a beanbag round.

    Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait has called for state and federal investigations while the FBI said it would review one of the shootings in order to determine whether a civil rights investigation should be launched.

    Police Chief John Welter said Manuel Diaz was shot dead on Saturday after two policemen approached three people behaving in a suspicious manner in an alley. He then tried to run away.

    Welter did not say what led the policeman to shoot Diaz, who failed to obey orders to stop and threw something that police believe contained heroin onto the roof of a nearby building.

    The second shooting took place on Sunday, when police saw a suspected gang member in a stolen car.

    Joel Mathew Acevedo, 21, fired at a policeman who then shot him dead.