Bus drivers taking extreme measures to get jobs back

  • A group of bus drivers in Paraguay decided to crucify themselves in order to get their lost jobs back. Some people say the men are five in number, while the others say eight. 

    The men have used 15-inch nails to attach their hands to the crosses laid on the floor. They have been in the same position since losing their jobs after asking for better pay and conditions. The wives are also joining in and taking turns. One of them has asked the president of the country to come and witness the "inhuman situation". 

    Some of these bus drivers have been suffering intense pain in parts of their bodies while some have been on a hunger strike since 36 days. 

    The bus company has agreed to hire five of the men and help the rest find other jobs. However, the group said it won't budge and wants them to be "reinstated with all employee benefits" or the strike won't be lifted. 

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