British PM Boris Johnson Admitted that they Failed to Understand the COVID-19 Virus Initially

  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has admitted that the British government didn’t understand the COVID-19 virus in the “first few weeks and months”. He went on to concede that they could have done things differently. UK has 298,681 confirmed cases of CODIV-19 infection (257,138 in England, 18,547 in Scotland, 17,105 in Wales, and 5,891 in Northern Ireland) and 45,738 deaths. Three professors (35—year old Djukanovic, 73-year old Holgate, and 67-year old Davies) at the University of Southampton school of medicine have made a major breakthrough in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Their interferon beta drug, called SNG001, has been administered in 101 people with 79% of them reportedly are less likely of developing a severe version of the disease and their breathlessness was also “markedly reduced”. The drug is being created by the company Synairgen, whose share value rose by over 3,000% after July 21, when the clinical trial results were published.