Brett Kavanaugh Gets 51-49 Votes in Favor during "Cloture" Vote, Final Voting on Saturday

  • Brett Kavanaugh seems to have confirmed his seat as the next US Supreme Court Judge as Republican Senator Susan Collins and Democrat Joe Manchin indicated their support in his favor on Friday. The 9-member panel will vote on Saturday to seal Kavanaugh’s fate for the Supreme Court’s top position. If the US President Donald Trump’s choice is voted in for the apex court’s top job, then the highest US court will tilt in favor of the Conservatives. Reports say his ascent will be a watershed moment for the impending judgments on controversial matters such as gun control and abortion. During Friday's "cloture" vote the embattled nominee for the US Supreme Court Judge’s position received 51 votes in favor, 2 votes more than the 49 votes against him.