Brazil's Presidential Election Starts, Controversial Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro Leads after First Round

  • Voting is underway in Brazil to choose the next president of the country. This is the most polarized Presidential election Brazil is witnessing. After first round of polling, exit polls place far-right ex-Army captain Jair Bolsonaro as the frontrunner. The controversial candidate has reportedly praised and supported the 1964-85 military regime. Reports say Bolsonaro is also accused of carrying out torture, extrajudilial killings, and disappearances of political opponents and activists. The far-right ex-Army captain is followed by the leftist Workers Party’s Fernando Haddad and Manuela D'avila. The opinion polls have given Bolsonaro 32-35% and Haddad 22-27% voter retention ability after the first round voting. Reports say pollings stations opened at Brasilia time 8am (1100 GMT) and will close at 7pm (2200 GMT).