Brazil starts Deploying 44,000 Troops and Military Aircraft to Control Raging Amazon Fire

  • Brazilian Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo has said that they have started deploying around 44,000 troops and military aircraft to fight the “unprecedented” raging fires in the Amazonian Rainforests, the green lungs of the world. These troops are reportedly being heading to 6 Brazilian states (Rondonia, Roraima, Mato Grosso, Acre, Para, and the Tocantins) who asked for federal help to deal with the forest fires. The first 700 odd troops will be deployed in Rondonia’s capital Porto Velho. The fire containing operation will involve two C-130 Hercules military aircraft to dump 12,000 liters (3,170 gallons) of water on the fires. NASA’s recently released satellite images take at night clearly show the horrifying extent of rainforest loss that has takes place due to the raging wildfires across the Amazon rainforests in Brazil and neighboring Bolivia. Brazilian environment agency’s released official data shows that the incidents of fire burning increased significantly (by around 84%) during the time (January-August 23, 2019) when the fine for environmental violations was decreased (almost became 1/3rd) drastically by the Brazilian government.